If the publication you received was defective, damaged or an error was made by the Volvo Penta Web Shop, simply return the publication within 30 days of the original shipping date for a full refund or replacement of the publication. Please remember, the publication must be in unused condition with all original packaging in good condition.

    You may return one or more publications within a 30 day return period. Please remember that the 30 day return period begins on the shipping date and not the date you received the item(s). When these 30 days have expired, you no longer have the right to return the publication(s).

    Before you can make a return, you must contact the Customer Service at to receive a return confirmation. Without a return confirmation, we cannot accept and process any return.

    When making the request, you must include the following information in your email:

    • Your name (first and last)
    • Your phone number (including country code + area code)
    • Detailed product description(s) and order number
    • Reason for return (defective, shipping error, etc.)

    If you receive a return confirmation, you must then follow the following steps to send an item back as a return.

    • Products must be received by Elanders within two weeks of receiving the return confirmation. After two weeks, returns will no longer be accepted.
    • You must include a copy of the original packing slip and a return form describing the reason for the return (defective, shipping error, etc.) The return form can be downloaded as a PDF file below. Please note that there are two different downloadable files, one for customers living in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) and one for customers living in the rest of the world.
    • The product must be repacked in its original packing, including the original packing slip.
    • The product must be shipped back to the address stated on the appropriate return form.
    • You must use a method of shipping that can be tracked. This is important to ensure arrival at the facility from whence the publication was shipped.

    For return of purchased items please use the following document: For North American customers, please click here to load the document. For all other customers, please click here.

    Please remember, refunds are only given for shipping charges if the above steps have been followed. You will receive an e-mail confirming credit when it has been issued. This process can take up to 30 business days from the date the products are received at the warehouse.

    The Volvo Penta Web Shop ships out of different warehouses, one for North America and one for the rest of the world, and uses different shipping methods depending on the shipping address. Shipping charges will vary depending on the item and shipping distance, so we need to know your address and country before final charges can be calculated. The shipping cost can be viewed in step 3 of the check out process.

    VAT - EU
    6% VAT is applied to orders shipped to European Union countries..

    7% sales tax is applied to orders shipped to Georgia..

    The recipient of the orders is responsible for any import duties and taxes charged by the recipient's country. No duties or taxes (except for VAT/Sales Tax, see above) are added when shipping to U.S. and European Union countries.